Pharmacy Laboratory Assistant

Position Title: Pharmacy Laboratory Assistant

Position type: Full time



  1. Preparing the lab before the experiment.
  2. Removing of the equipment and materials after the experiment.
  3. Reporting to the direct supervisor of any damage or missing of furniture, equipment, and material
  4. Promoting safety in the laboratory and implementing the safety instructions according to KUST policy:
    1. Be alert for potentially unsafe behavior, practices, set-ups, and situations, and correct them; or bring them to the attention of the direct supervisor of laboratories
    2. Enforce proper use of safety goggles, proper handling of chemical spills, proper handling of broken glassware, proper collection of chemical waste for disposal, and proper disposal of non-hazardous laboratory waste
  5. Assisting Direct supervisor to coordinate laboratory services
  6. Demonstrates the safe and proper use/disposal of laboratory equipment and hazardous or biohazardous materials; prepares, tests, adjusts, modify, supervise routine maintenance on, calibrates a variety of technical laboratory equipment
  7. Participate in KUST activities
  8. Responsible for training and following up with newly hired assistant /replacement.
  9. Co-supervise Graduation projects of their assigned department’s students
  10. Look for ways to improve the quality of the experiments and of the labs in general
  11. Other duties as assigned by direct supervisor



Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Pharmacy
  • Proficient in English and Kurdish
  • Proficient in computer

Application Deadline: The application will continue until the position is filled.